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The curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The curriculum designed for all children under 5 years old; this will be continued in their Reception year. This document recognises 3 prime areas of learning which are “particularly crucial for igniting children ’curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive”.

Safeguarding  Children

We committ follow, a written child protection policy to safeguard the children you look after from abuse or neglect

To make sure that anyone who has unsupervised contact with, or who looks after, children is suitable and has got an enhanced check with barred lists from DBS

To contact any Local Safeguarding Children Board and Director of Children’s Services if appropriate.

To minimise any risks to the health and safety of children and staff

Working  with Parents

We have a regular two way communication with parents. Involving parents and carers from the very beginning transition period, along the way from induction, settling in, and daily chats, to sharing of resources, social events and information. At Miri's Nursery Parents and carers feel welcome and belong , just as their child do.  The key principles of partnership working are, openness, trust and honesty, agreed shared goals and values and regular communication between partners. Consulting them about children's early experiences helps practitioners plan for effective learning at the setting, and helps them support parents in continuing their children's learning development at home.                  


Quality of  Teaching

When it comes to the education and care we offer children, only the best is good enough. We continually assess children's progress and plan clear opportunities for children to make further progress and embed knowledge using what children like, their interests and dispositions to learn and cleverly manipulating the environment to allow for deep learning.  We also ensuring we keep improving the quality of the provision. Quality improvement is a continuous cycle of self-reflection, identifying areas for improvement, implementing improvement plans and reviewing their impact.


Our Approach

A positive experience at nursery helps your child to create strong and lasting foundations for later life. Miri's Nursery provides a calm and stimulating environment which is a warm and friendly extension of home.

Working in partnership with our parents to promote each individual child’s development, we build authentic relationships with our children and nurture them to become confident, resilient and independent.

At Miri's Nursery children have the time to play and explore, the opportunity to talk and question, wonder and investigate, the confidence to discover, create, and learn.

Miri's nursery is a place where children happily grow .

What Parents Think

“Thanks so much for all the love and care you have shown her, and for teaching her so much, and helping her to develop in to the amazing little person she is.    We could not have chosen a better nursery ."

Daphne's parents

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